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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
My take is that it makes you look suspicious by leaving like you did. If you go back and someone comes up to you, be very polite, but don't leave and if they don't leave you alone, ask them if it would make them feel better if you called the police.
Thats probally good advice. I think I probally did leave too soon, just as a way to difuse the situation. This is my first time being confronted so I will learn from it.

Two things --

1) In the words of Gavin DeBecker, "Trust your fear."

2) Time changes everything.

Look, I'm a great believer in standing your ground and protecting your rights, but if your Spidey senses are telling you that something is wrong... be smart and get out of there. If you want, you can try again... the guy may not be there... if they are doing nothing illegal, frankly, you probably are fine and can take your pics. If they really are doing something illegal, they could give a damn about your rights.
What I found suspecious was they were loading machinery into a truck marked "Joe's Fruit." Something about it just looked funny. But I am the paranoid type.

What part of Baltimore were you in? Most of the rail lines run through absolute ghetto
Welcome to my delimna. I'm trying to get a concealed handgun license from the MSP by stating that I am a photographer and need to protect my equipment.

The location of the shoot was: 39.264847,-76.644096 (2301 Hollins Ferry Rd)

The location of my staging area was: 39.265387,-76.644139 (2317 Seventh St)
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