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I guess I'll toss my name into the "18 and under" hat. I'm 16 now (17 in February) but I've been in photography for nearly ten years. I also have nearly 120 photos on RP (although admittedly no where near the caliber of Chase and some of the other young guns on this site) , so that further dismantles the old "RP hates young people" hypothesis.

The key is practice. Five years ago I found it extremely hard to get photos worthy of acceptance onto Railpictures, and most of the shots that did get on wouldn't stand a chance with today's screening standards. I'll admit that I've been very frustrated at rejections I've received (even today), but you have to move on. Give it time and a lot of patience and you will see an improvement in your work. As the others have said, constructive criticism is one of the best ways to learn, you can receive that by posting your images here for review before you submit them to the screeners.
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