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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
"Minimizing the railroad aspect" is only one approach - why are you so stuck on that concept? Who declared that the standard?
No one. Maybe I failed at showing the differences between Link and what are his apparent heirs on here. It's an approach that has worked for me and I think is useful in looking beyond common approaches to railroad photography.

[/quote]You ARE???? Well, you are doing a fine job of disguising yourself as closed-minded.[/quote]

It is close minded to discuss the the differences between O. W. Link's work and the current pictures that are made to look like them?

[/quote]This sounds like one of those quotes that is believed to be profound but is actually without meaning.[/quote]

I thought it was clear. I was responding to Joe's post where he suggested that prior photos should be brought back verbatim, along with implying that historical events/themes should be recreated. Think Civil War reenactments and historical-looking photo charters. It's an attempt to recreate a long-dead historical event for the satisfaction that comes along with re-experiencing the emotions associated with that timeframe. But what of documenting today's events? Certainly a comparison to Link would be more justifiably directed to someone who is not emulating the past, but creating something -- which just may utilize techniques of the past -- which shows things in a new light.

Creating new photos of faux historical scenes, when it has already been documented in its time, seems misdirected if one is looking for a new approach... but again c'est la vie.
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