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Hi Michael,

I have PSE 6, so I can't say for sure exactly how the Resize function works in your version. In PSE 6, there's a box in the upper right with sliders for image quality (compression, really) and down on the lower right, there's another box to control pixel dimensions. As I recall, in that lower box, there is a small check-box that tells PSE to maintain the aspect ratio. When that box is checked, and you alter the pixel dimensions on one side of the photo, the other is automatically calculated and entered. It may not work exactly that way on version 8....the fine folks at Adobe keep messing with things! I highly recommend buying one of those after-market manuals for the specific version you are using, because you're right....sometimes HELP isn't very helpful.

WRT "Smart Fix"..... You should see two pick items in the Enhance menu that involve "Smart Fix." One is called "Auto Smart Fix" and it's up top with several other "Auto" choices such as "Auto Color Correction" and "Auto Contrast". I suspect that Adobe provides these "Auto" functions for folks who are too busy (or too lazy) to learn the functions of all of the other editing sliders. By clicking on some of those "Auto" functions, folks can have PSE brighten up their underexposed, backlit subject. I suspect most users don't care if the sky is blown out as long as they can recognize the subject.

Down below, there should be another slider called "Adjust Smart Fix". That can actually be useful. As you move the slider, it simultaneously adjusts shadows, highlights, contrast, tint, and I believe saturation also. Used in moderation, it can quickly give you an idea what can be done to improve a basic image. As a rule, I've found that anything over 40% begins to look overprocessed and too blue. If you need to process a photo quickly, or are just evaluating frames for potential, detailed postprocessing, it's a worthwhile slider to play with. BTW, I believe that the "Auto Smart Fix" selection defaults to Smart Fix = 40%.

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