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My question might be "What are you looking for in a roster shot?"

RP prides itself on having the "best railroad photography on the 'Net" but typically will not turn down a properly lit and well composed image. Consequently, there are quite a few if not a majority of roster and wedge-like photographs on the site. This is not a bad thing as RP has become a superb database for modelers and preservationist in addition to being a site of great photography.

If you are looking for praise, oohs and ahs along with a few badges of recognition such as the POTW, People's Choice or Screener's Choice, I'd say this is not the place - unless there is something to the composition that makes it stand apart such as lighting, news content, weather, humor, ect. Otherwise, I think there is a site called "Train Photos" or "RR Picture Archives" which might be more appropriate. Still, you have captured some interesting equipment which would certainly be welcome to many who peruse the pages of RP.

As for your linked images - I'd Google "Rule of Thirds" if you are not sure what that is and maybe re-edit a few if you hope to get them on RP. There's a place for centered images but typically, RP screeners like subjects to be almost anywhere but dead center.

Random link on "Rule of Thirds":

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