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I tested the 5DS. The high resolution was very cool. In bright to medium light you will not get sharper results. However, this high pixel count hampered low light work, which is key for me. Basically it negated the value of going to a full frame camera for low light gathering. Also my older Mac could not open the 5DS’s particular iteration of CR2 and it choked on the huge files. Therefore I would have to agree with the statement that these cameras are really for photo studio work where there is plenty of light and the goal is the highest image quality possible. The 5DS R (which I have not used) with the optical low pass filter removed would get the same evaluation only more so. The 5DS R has the highest possible resolution but you have at your highest level at detecting moiré situations. Brick walls, other architecture patterns, clothing, all could be a nightmare.
At this time the fantastic, reliable, world's best selling working pro DSLR, the Canon 5D Mark III would be my choice. (Unless you go up to the 1D X series. I love the sensor of the 1D C but that is another story.)

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