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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Pretty sure this was obstructed view. To be fair two have accepted with the murals. Problem for me is you know what you want, you go at the time of the year when you can get, have the right subject, make the special trip and .... Realize all that doesn't matter but still not pleasant, dismissed in 30 seconds.
Bob, I don't have an issue with your image. Sure, the bottom of the trucks are obscured, but I know I'm looking at a locomotive, and my brain immediately tells me the bridge has a low guard rail or lip on it. The other details in the shot, such as the murals, make up for whatever engine details are lost. This is not a roster shot.

This is way different from Dave's image of the steam engine. As noted in my previous post, at first glance, I wasn't sure what it was. It's a pretty scene, but the boiler is covered with a boxy shroud, the tender height virtually matches it, there's no coal pile visible, no dynamo plume, no bell, no whistle.....none of the features that I normally associate with a steam engine. Yeah, its got a cab window, and some smoke.....hey, it could be an Alco Diesel. If RP had a reference gallery of: "This works for us" and "This doesn't work for us", Dave's shot would be a classic example of the latter. It's a fine shot....just a clear violation of this particular site's submission guidelines, that's all.

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