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Well, the matched pair of accepted shots were not uploaded on the same day, judging by their id numbers. Screeners don't go pouring through the database to see if there is a match. If there are two similar ones near to each other in the queue, then you will get that rejection.

Hmm, looking at your entire set of shots, it looks like that was not the case. Maybe it just happened to have been the same screener and he happened to remember the shot from a day or two prior.

But there is a bigger issue. You have almost 300 shots here. May I suggest - gently? - that it is time to stretch out a bit with the compositions? In addition to there, I see in your collection a bunch of similar Picton shots; those or similar ones were in the forum some time ago. Perhaps you can come up with different angles?

Preferences vary. If you like getting similar shots repeatedly, enjoy! Lots of people do that.
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