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Originally Posted by ck5644

What adjustments did you make?

I made adjustments on a Curves Layer Mask. I got the technique from Grumpy's World (he had a series of video tutorials up before he took his site down). Here's what I did though:

- Open up a Curves Layer mask.
- I moved my mouse over the sky and left clicked the mouse. On the Curves dialog window, you see a circle that appears on the line showing the brightness of the area you're clicking on in the this case, you see the brightness of the sky.
- I then clicked and dragged the Curves line down from where the sky was showing up. I moved it down until the sky looked properley exposed.
- Next, hide the Curves Layer Mask by clicking on the eyeball.
- Click on the original image part and switch to Channels view
- Ctrl click on the Blue Channel
- Click the eyeball on the Curves Layer Mask to bring it up.
- Apply layer mask (I think that's what it's's the circle in the square icon long the bottom of that same window). Basically what this does is apply the Curves Layer Mask primarily to the blue areas.
- The overall image was just a tad dark, so I hit Ctrl L to bring up the Levels tool on the Curves Layer Mask and slid the left most slide to the right a tad to brighted the non-Blue parts of the image.
- Flatten the layers and save.

It seems like a lot when you read it (and it's hard to get the exact terms correct on my part since I don't have a copy of PS2 in front of me), but it literally takes <45 seconds after you do it a couple of times. I wish Grumpy had left those tutorials up on his site...
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