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We have got a Canon G10, which John normally uses. Great little camera, does RAW files as well though the largest size jpg is more than adequate for web use, not much in the way of shutter lag either.

A train moving about 40 - 50mph
Image © John Cottrell
PhotoID: 295808
Photograph © John Cottrell

Taken from a moving train
Image © John Cottrell
PhotoID: 295811
Photograph © John Cottrell

Handy for carrying around in a pocket as well, but I really notice the difference in quality of the images from the G10 compared to our 30D when viewing the files at 100% size when processing.

Edit here are two similar photos from the two different cameras

Image © John Cottrell
PhotoID: 285692
Photograph © John Cottrell

Image © John Cottrell
PhotoID: 295806
Photograph © John Cottrell

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