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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
One thing I just noticed, you misinterpreted an earlier comment of mine that I now see was ambiguous. My statement, quoted above, was not intended to mean what you took it to mean, also quoted above. Rather, it should have conveyed that the current guidelines text is well out of date with respect to current RP practice.
Ha...I see!

Still, just because many may be doing it and having some in the archives doesn't make it right. It may just mean the screenies do not know of the manipulation, heck they get lots of images thrown at them it would be very difficult to always catch these. Or it could mean something else, all I know is that the rules prohibit any manipulations beyond simple cropping, sharpening and leveling. I respect their rules and wish not to infringe by deliberately doing otherwise. My understanding of the rules, HDR/TM and even multi-exposure manual blending falls way outside of the guidelines otherwise I think an admin would have stipulated differently long ago.

This reminds me of the saying "dirty little secret" and "don't ask don't tell"!

This whole multi-image manipulation for HDR/blending will be ending within the next few years I suspect... when the next-gen cameras DR are increased enough to cover most shots DR. So RP will not have to update their rules if they wait long enough.

It is good though to see RP folks using HDR/TM to help them garner better images, I kinda suspected they would.
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