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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
I've gathered that you don't quite comprehend the subject. According to other members, you've been arguing about this same thing for years. To me, that is pointless. If it really bothers you that much, submit an image, or clearly accept the fact that HDR is accepted under certain circumstances, it just has not been clearly stated in the submission guidelines. mean by "comprehend" that I must agree with your assessment, I think I have shown overwhelmingly that it is at least a confused issue. Please show me where I am arguing...let me say again, I just asked if the guidelines have been changed or some admin has made a declaration. No arguing on my part I just have imparted my opinion like you...take it or leave it. Here is my question for reference:

" So are HDR images being openly accepted here now or do they still violate RP's submission rules? "

Today's number one PCA does not appear to be HDR. Would you please elaborate on this? As Jim Thias as stated before, it is impossible to capture HDR on a moving subject.
...well if I really need to. Understand this is a quote from an earlier thread from the last several years as I I am not sure of the exact date but it is referring to that image at that time.

Actually HDR can be done on moving objects, I do them all the time. I have some cool waterfall shots that I do believe the water was moving and just about every landscape HDR image I do has moving clouds too...and they look fine to me. Now more specifically regarding moving trains there are a lot of factors that would decide whether or not a good or natural HDR image could be done, but I am sure it could be achieved. Here is one simple way, track a train in your car (have somebody else drive) and shoot off your exposures!

No, your view is not validated. While you're entitled to your opinion, in this case, facts prove that your opinion is clearly inaccurate. It is an extremely easy thing to understand and why you seem to be having trouble comprehending it, I'm not certain. You can argue all day, but the fact is, you're not quite understanding the reality of the situation. I will explain it again in a simple way.
Okay, I thought I presented a clear and concise reason to don't agree, cool no problem. You continue to call this an argument, but really I don't even see this as much as you don't like my opinion with supporting facts.

- RP standards from 2002 state that HDR is prohibited.

- As time progresses, as does technology. HDR become popular.
Yes, but one point, HDR has always been popular well before digital.

- RP adjusts to the new technology, therefore accepting HDR, under certain circumstances. Those circumstances being that the image looks "real" and not "fake".
...and where is this guideline found? ...and does it supersede the current minimal manipulation rule?

- In 2009, while RP has not updated the guidelines stating that HDR is acceptable, most likely due to the fact that if they do indeed state that HDR is acceptable, the queue will become overwhelmed with fake, horrible looking HDR. With that being said, they limit the amount of HDR that is acceptable and keep it to a minimum. Those who contribute the HDR do so in a decent way, thus getting accepted. I'm quite certain a lot of HDR is rejected.
Well all this is just fine and dandy but it does not have any validity. It is all your conjecture and opinion. Simply having HDR shots accepted does not negate any rules or somehow magically change everyone's thoughts on it. It could very well mean that the screenies accidentally allowed some different from some of any number of unlevel, cloned or whatever contraband that may get in. The only fact is that there are some HDR shots in the database, no more no less.

It is a neat discussion and worthy of having a debate, although the two year conflict and the continuing sentences asking the same questions over and over can after a while seem rather pointless to even bother arguing over.
Again, your insistence that this is some kind of argument or conflict is least from my perspective. Heck I even learned something today that Nikon's can do in-camera multi-exposures! No harm discussing, if you see it that way ignore the thread.
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