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Originally Posted by coborn35 View Post
This will be a good start:

Skip to about 1:00 for the action. We all know someone like this.
Let this be a lesson all of us. If you see a railfan or member of the public endangering themselves on railroad property (or, in general), stop and say something. It could save someone a serious injury, or even a life. If they refuse, depending on the situation, I might even consider calling the railroad police (some may consider this extreme, though it may be better than the alternative of them injuring themselves).

Since I've started working for a railroad (part-time), I've become far more aware of the dangers of being on tracks, and have become less tolerant of railfans who do so. One of the chief things they teach us during track safety class is to never be on the tracks unless it is necessary to carry out your duties. I can tell you know that it is never necessary for a railfan to be on the tracks to take pictures.

Apologies if this is a bit incoherent, been up all night writing a lab report, but hopefully you get the idea. Also, just to say the obvious, I've done some things in my younger years (with regards to this) that I now shudder at.
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