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Wouldn't you get huffy if someone was busting your balls?

As with nikos comment, I disagree but I'm hypocritical at the same time. . If you're in the gauge, inches from the tracks, in the row, what have are just asking for trouble. You shouldn't be there and you know it. (btw, not regarding the original post on this soap box). How am I being hypocritical? You shouldn't be anywhere that you know you shouldn't, but I've been at spots where it would and has been frowned upon but there was no danger involved. Such as this shot:

Shouldn't be down there, and I was prepared to be told to move.

Same with this one. Tele shot, in no danger.

Like I said, I dont believe you should be inches from the tracks, between 2 tracks or in the gauge. But I myself have been in "posted", I guess you could say, areas to get a shot. Like nikos said, we've done it, and I'm owning up to it, but I'm not owning up or am stupid enough to put myself in danger.

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