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Originally Posted by lalam View Post
Learning so many things from the forum. Even before this , I had my doubt about what the metering is.
My understanding about metering while test shot is
1)To point the camera to ballast or sky depending upon the light condition, lock the focus and shoot in auto mode.
2)Note the shutter speed & aperture value for reference.
3) Go to Manual mode & change the values along with ISO to get correct exposure on vertical scale .
Please let me know if I am correct or metering is something different.
Thanks in advance.
You're over-thinking it. I'm not even sure I follow what you just explained.

In simplest terms...

-Pick an aperture
-Pick an ISO
-Point the camera at the blue sky and adjust the shutter speed until meter is at zero.
-Take a picture
-Have a beer

If the shutter speed isn't fast enough to freeze the train, then increase the size of the aperture or use a higher ISO.
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This pretty much sums it up:
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