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Originally Posted by firegator
Years ago when I lived in PA., I was chasing an EL freight pulled by several
"F" units-- I got quite a ways ahead of the train and found a good site between the tracks and the river to use the last light of day to my advantage-- Got set up, the train came by slowly with the crew waving and blowing the horn-- About 40 cars had gone by when the train stopped, blocking the crossing on this dead-end road-- After waiting about 20 minutes and realizing there were no sidings or spurs in the area, I drove on a dirt road as far as I could which got me within about 250 feet of the power-- The crew was friendly and I asked them why they stopped-- They went dead on hours and were waiting for a taxi to pick them up-- I told them I was trapped on a dead-end road, and couldn't leave-- They said: "Sorry, we can't move the train." Another crew wasn't due until the next day-- After making numerous suggestions and comments about my Ford 4WD, and what it could or couldn't do, they let me sweat for about 20 minutes-- Then they both started laughing and said if I gave the conductor a ride, they would break the train at the crossing and let me out-- I agreed, and the crossing was cleared-- I got into my truck and told the conductor he had to hoof it back to the power-- After he walked about 3 car lengths, I turned around and picked up a very pi$$ed off conductor-- The engineer got a good laugh out of it, but the conductor had lost his sense of humor-- Great idea for a thread-- Regards, da Gator

That's hilarious,thanks for sharing!
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