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Thanks for your answers, guys. Honestly, for me it's just very rude. Banning without any information, not answering e-mails.

"If the site is not responding to your e-mails, it probably does mean they are not interested" - is it the way you're working with people in the States? O.o

Yes, I like high contrast. I'm taking rail pictures for about 15 years and I was able to define something like "my style". Yes, I know not everyone should love it. I'm dealing with constructive criticism and not accepting some my photos. But anyway, I'm quite experienced photographer and some of these pictures were granted as "pictures of the month" on good polish and russian galleries. Here - they are not even allowed to show!

So, if anyone know what else can I do with this, please, let me know. I really think not answering emails it's quite rude in that case.

With best regards
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