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On Feb 02-06 I was heading into town from Magna in the early afternoon. The sky was cloudy all over, then suddenly the sun came out and lit up the area pretty good, and shone some sun under the clouds hanging over the Wasatch front. I made a split-second decision to go to the rail road tracks at 5600 west in West Valley, Utah. On the west side of the road there was a field that had recently been cleard of weeds and such. Due to the rain, the field was muddy.. I had this idea that I could cruise across the mud up close to the ROW where the ground was more solid, as I got out into the field a ways, I realized I wasn't going any further. Even with Four wheel drive.

My truck was stuck in the mud for two days.. I ended up digging around the wheels, jacking up each wheel and putting rocks underneith till I could drive out, thankfully, the field had dried out enough to get out.

When I went there to actually drive my truck away, there was a train leaving the intermodal facility, and a railroad security guy was up on the signal inspecting a train as it left (I only knew this after I asked him what he was doing). His truck was up by the tracks, and he said he was nervous about even drivning up by the ROW with his vehicle, even though the ground was much more solid there.
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