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Originally Posted by trainmonster
I just keep a scanner on all the time-I get called in, I'm outta there... just don't want the hassle.

Those of you that don't care because Metra is boring miss the point. In this upcoming police state, you guys out there need to make a public hue and cry.

So far here in Pa. we've been OK but where I go is in the sticks.


Im not sure where all this is going on, down South we never have any problems with this type of stuff. Must be a regional problem. NS could care less about people taking photos, they are too busy keeping their trains on time! And btw, I know I said METRA is boring, but its moreso the type of photos that are often uploaded to make it boring. There are some photos of Metra that I actually clicked on. The wedges of this above ground subway make it lame.
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