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I was actually quite shocked at the results here is all the snaps I took of the train as it passed by, there was no flash on it what so ever.

EDIT:It wont let me post the 6 photos of the sequence I wanted to show... but the sun was low it was about 7 PM and the sun was on the exact oposite side I was from in all of them and I was standing about 15ft from the tracks so you get an idea...

I never really expected the shot to get accepted but I thought if all it was was poor image quality that had me baffled because I had appealed it and gotten the same rejection reason... Anyways thanks for letting me know. Also I am aware they're all back lit, I was a picnic and didn't feel like crossing two sets of tracks illegally... But I at least had the intentions of catching a train or two when I went

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