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Originally Posted by AmericanAirFan
as I got alot of great comments on the photo and I do think it is a good photo
I must say, I am quite surprised to read this. Sorry to be so harsh - and two others have said here the shot is "decent" so take my opinion for what it is - but what exactly did they say is "great" about it? The same shot in daytime light - well, a portion of an engine, backlit, nothing interesting background, nothing interesting sky. Nothing of compositional interest, yet with part of the engine lost, not a roster shot either. So not a good photograph, boring. So what is added by near darkness? No particular mood, no interesting silhouette. The flash reflection, more gimmicky than anything. I don't see anything here that says "good photograph," regardless of subject matter.

You may not realize this, but actually I am trying to be helpful here. Both in terms of what I perceive to be RP expectations, and what I (one person!) perceive to be good photography. Please try to take the harshness in stride; I don't see a good reason to convey the same info but reduce its clarity by smoothing over some edges.
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