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Originally Posted by AmericanAirFan
but the sun was low it was about 7 PM and the sun was on the exact oposite side I was from in all of them and I was standing about 15ft from the tracks so you get an idea...
Well, there you go. Low sun on the other side of the tracks and you're 15 ft. away from the train, way too close. That's part of the reason this shot turned out this way. I'm guessing you shot on auto exposure, which is why it's so dark. It does look like there is a flash in use. I never use my built in flash for ANY photography and I never use my external flash for railroad photography. It's just plain too weak to be of any use.

It woul help us to know what kind of camera you used and to see the EXIF data. And who told you this was a good shot? Family and friends or fellow photogs? It's sub par at best and if you went through the 160,000+/- shots on RP, I bet you would not find one remotely similiar to this one.

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