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Originally Posted by Ween
I don't know how I missed this post, but dude, you're way off base on your view of the forum participants and the help that's offered. There are countless examples of people asking and receiving help with their photos, many of which later end up in the RP database. If you fail to see that, you're not looking, my friend...

Here're just a few from the past couple of days:

That's all I feel like looking for at the moment, but the point is made...

Also, as far as advice:

Not to knock the photographer who started this thread, but he didn't even know if his flash went off or not, a pretty basic thing to notice when taking a photo. Do you think your response above is anywhere close to where he currently sits in his knowledge of photography or post-processing? I'm guessing most of it went straight over his head. In other words, you may have offered some advice, but did it really HELP in this situation?
Actually none of the above terminology is over my head and actually it's very hard to see the flash go off in daytime lighting... so that's why if it did I barely noticed... Currently I have 91 photos on and I regularly go to the photography forums over there, rather I'm saving up for a better camera cause I know mine is crap... even though back then it was all I could afford, but I am very much into photography...

Also to people who know nothing about photography they have nothing to critique so they can find very unique photos that look "great" or amazing but not necessarily acceptable in the eyes of a screener... Basically I have alot of unpublished photos all my friends and some photographer fellows of mine online love my photos but I know most of them just won't be accepted... this particular photo I wasn't sure so I had to try it... I myself thought the effect was rather interesting.

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