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Originally Posted by DME 6361 View Post
The u.p has 100's a day in the shop at north platte and Hinkle. You said DME has 8-10 bad order-- to me that sounds about the average for running a railroad! You also have to put in perspective 15 day, 30, 92, 365, and 1104 day inspections on locomotives! To me that sounds pretty low on failures and a lot on inspections, economy, and when you talk to the crews you have to realize every crew dislikes their power and it is never good enough. Are you saying DM&E should be running new 2.5 million GEVO"S? And for what reason would that make any sense to get rid of a 3000 h.p. engine when 20 years ago they were called the ALCO line with only 1000 to 1800 h.p. motor's.
I'm sure that he factored in 92 day inspections with his "bad ordered" observation........
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