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Hey!!! This hits close to home. The Mountain Laurel was a subsidiary of the Pittsburg and Shawmut. P&S purchased the "Mountain Laurel" line from Conrail. The line was originally the Allegheny Valley Railway, then Pennsy's Low Grade. The Low Grade was abandoned by Conrail from their Valley Sub that paralleled the Allegheny River between Oil City and Pittsburgh in the mid-late 80's from the river to Lawsonham. The rest of the line remained in use due to Shannon Tipple in Sligo on the Sligo Branch. The B&P abandoned and removed the Sligo Branch and the rest of the Low Grade to Brookville in Nov 2007. The Buffalo and Pittsburgh still operates the Laurel Line from Brookville to Driftwood. B&P has a repair facility at the old P&S Shops accessed by the old interchange track between P&S and Pennsy.

I haven't done any digging yet, but is this the same Geep that was/is on the Finger Lakes Railway?
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