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Default WP Trackage

Well gosh, I did a foul-up-- You are absolutely correct, and I knew that, but I guess the CRS is becoming terminal-- What I didn't know about was the connection between SP and WP north of Susanville-- In researching old maps, I think I found it, but can't tell exactly as the quality of the map is not the best-- It appears to run west from SP toward Bieber-- I think that would be the most likely location as the extreme terrain west and north of Susanville is too steep for practical railroading-- Thanks for sharing the info, and if you confirm the location, please share-- Best regards, da Gator

Guess what? Further research and I located the line you speak of-- This old map shows the line running west from Susanville and a connection with UP (old WP) at Westwood near Lake Almanor-- I don't know if this line is still in existance-- I drove a logging truck all through that area in the early 90's and don't remember seeing the line-- Adjacent to Hwy 36, east of Westwood is what appears to be an old roadbed, which is likely what we're talking about-- This has been most interesting-- Thanks da Gator

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