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Finaly, I get some correspondence about this! My grandmother lived just a few houses up from a horeshoe curve at Panther Valley (just north of Reno), and I never seen a train. In the early 80's, when I would spend the night, I would hear a train's horn around 06:00. Over the year's, when I would be at my grandmother's house during the day, I only seen one train, of about 10 cars, pulled by an SP geep. There was a warehouse that used boxcar service (which stopped in the early 90's, and spur tracks were removed), and on the other side of the horeshoe curve was a small business that utilized tank car service (still used today). There is a small intermodal facility at north Reno off of Parr blvd, which loaded and unloaded Golden Pig trailers, which as far as I know where only transported to the Sparks yard. When I went with my family to Frenchman Lake, the tracks were along the highway, and I always looked for a train. Long story short, I am developing a track plan for a future HO layout that will be modeling SP from Sparks, into the Sierra's, and wanted to include this WP line as far as it goes, and serve the industries and businesses, and perhaps reaching another yard. I don't know if your railmap shows, but I do remember a wye just off of the highway (not US 395, perhaps Hwy 36?).
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