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Thanks for your thoughts. Where is the “correct info” feature and is that something you can only do to your own photos or someone else’s?
I can see why the softly softly approach should be taken as you never know who the other photographer is. I should say I’ve never commented maliciously, it’s always been with respect for the work hence I wouldn’t bother replying. I always think that if I’d made the mistake I’d rather someone pointed it out for me so I could correct it. I just assumed that a comments section was for just that, comments and suggestions. The 2 examples I used were the extreme end where people had made mistakes, though I really don’t think anyone would be that offended by someone pointing out they’d got the engine wrong in the comments. But as nice as it is to get peoples comments saying they like your images, how are we to improve if people can’t post suggestions for ways you could have taken or processed the image differently? Put another way, photographers always go on the forums asking for advice when their photos don’t get on. But just because the photo got on straight away does that really mean they don’t care about how they could have improved it? Maybe it’s just my background where a lot of what I take gets critiqued to some degree weather it’s good or bad and I learn from that. But I guess some people are happy with just getting the praise and if they want help they’ll go looking for it and I should, well, mind my own business.
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