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Originally Posted by David Harrison View Post
I lost all memory of what I used before...stroke. I'm on my 4th MacBook Pro. Did I use there in-house iPhoto? I also used PhotoBucket to get copies hmmail. Now PhotoBucket is a swamp of advertisment. The MacBook Pro no longer has iPhoto....some stupid "memories". Apple is always making more stupid. I'm lost.

Well, you may be lost but we need more to "find" you. In particular, you need software to resize. If you are unable to tell us what is currently on your computer, hard to help. We can recommend some software, I suppose. I don't know what is available for free on Apple. For $80 or so Photoshop Elements has a full set of tools - waaaay more than just resizing and the basics.

It would also help to know what camera you use. For one, we need to know if you shoot raw because, if so, that limits your choices a bit. Budget is also important. And intent - basics, or more.
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