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Default Horrible Amtrak Trip

Back in December I decided to take a trip to BOS on Amtrak (for $24 each way from Upstate NY, I couldn't resist). Turns out, the only thing halfway decent about the trip was the price; and it turns out even that may have been a ripoff.

I get to the station about an hour before scheduled departure, only to find out that the train is running 2 hours late. I wasn't pleased, but since there was nothing that I could do about it, I decided to keep my plans and wait for the train. Finally, the train arrives and I choose a seat next to a window. The seats are very spacious, and I like the leg rest that can be pulled out.

We start moving. Hours fly by, and I am expecting to be in Boston at about 5 PM. Everything seems to be going great until about 4 PM, when we suddenly stopped (next to a seemingly mile-long freighter). I had no reason to think anything unusual had happened; the train had made short stops before on the trip. However, this wasn't a short stop. Minutes flew by. Finally, about an hour later we learned the true reason for our stop: the train next to us had hit a person, evidently in a murder.

The crew of the train could tell us nothing more. So we sat, and sat, and sat. Finally, at 10:30 pm (6 and 1/2 hours later!!!) movement. Only, we were going backwards. Then we stopped again, for another half hour. We ended up arriving in Boston at 1 am, 8 hours late!

The trip was enjoyable, for the first few hours. But 8 hours stopped and not moving tended to ruin the experience for me. Next time, I may take the plane... [/i]
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