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Steam may be popular in the UK, but I wouldn't consider all their steamers hits in the looks department. Some may disagree, but I've never been a particular fan of English steam locomotive streamlining:

Image © Richard Stevens
PhotoID: 287375
Photograph © Richard Stevens

Image © Jack Prentice
PhotoID: 284018
Photograph © Jack Prentice

Image © Rail Archive Stephenson
PhotoID: 226443
Photograph © Rail Archive Stephenson

Image © John Hewitt
PhotoID: 188994
Photograph © John Hewitt

Of course, other countries built some less-than-stellar looking steamers too:

Image © Alan-Crotty
PhotoID: 305658
Photograph © Alan-Crotty

And the UK has no corner on the market for ugly "modern" motive power:

Image © Boldizsár Rell
PhotoID: 305383
Photograph © Boldizsár Rell

Image © Joachim Bertsch
PhotoID: 299523
Photograph © Joachim Bertsch

Image © Patrick Schadowski
PhotoID: 286308
Photograph © Patrick Schadowski

Image © M.J. Vis
PhotoID: 283421
Photograph © M.J. Vis

Of course, we shouldn't forget the Espee's foray into the wonderful world of diesel-hydraulic traction:

Image © Drew Jacksich
PhotoID: 171913
Photograph © Drew Jacksich

But these here have to be some of the ugliest engines ever built - I mean, seriously, a steam engine without horizontal cylinders and side rods? Come on!!!

Image © Walter Scriptunas II -
PhotoID: 302348
Photograph © Walter Scriptunas II -

Sorry, Walter!

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