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I updated that to three in the original post. Actually, the big power is well suited on this line. It's 130 pound welded rail in many spots and 49 MPH running. Trains routinely 60-80 cars, so this is big time mainline running.

The units will also be DPU capable, and I am pretty sure they intend on using them in this capacity. Grades south of Springdale top out at 2.7%, and there is a stretch of pretty steep grades and constant curves between Avoca and Garfield.

I did finally see the full release from Trains, and the plan is to use the 3 on both the Monett and Fort Smith Turns exclusively. The trains will share power, just as they do now. No firm word on retirements, but that could easily see half a dozen Alcos become surplus. That's pretty much how many you can count on the road trains having.
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