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My experience with 3rd party batteries has run the gamut. I had both a Nikon battery and a 3rd party battery for my P&S camera and my first DSLR, the little D40x. In both cases, the 3rd party battery didn't hold a charge as well, nor did it last as long as the OEM battery. For that reason, I bought two Nikon batteries for both my D90 and my D7000 and was happy with those. All of them still work, and the D90 is now 6 years old. Nikon batteries are generally pretty good.

Now, the rest of the story....

When I bought my D4, the seller threw in a 3rd party battery in addition to the Nikon pack that is included with the camera. Both are now a year old, and I think I can safely say that the 3rd party battery provides more shots than the Nikon unit. Go figure. It is my primary battery! Now, we'll see how many years they both last, but my first impression of the 3rd party is pretty good.

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