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Default A Half-Day and Conquering the Beast

On Monday(12/5/05), I woke up, then went back to sleep after realizing I had a doctors appointment for my knee, and was going to my half-day of school late. Knowing it was going to be cold(high of 18 degrees), I suited up. I wore long underwear, a thermal shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a t-shirt, my hooded sweatshirt, and, to top it off, my winter coat(I ended up getting hot outside). I was determined to go railfanning for the first time since before my surgery in September. After the doctors, I saw the NS Manhattan Local on the ex- Wabash line switching cars in Orland Park, but failed to get a picture of it.
After missing the first half of my half-day , I got out of school. I then walked down to my mom's work, and exchanged my school bag for my camera bag. I also picked up some hand-warmers to keep my camera battery warm. Despite a slightly achy knee, I walked down to the tracks and proceeded to walk down to the tracks. I turned my scanner on, set up the tripod, and began to plan out my shots. A few minutes later, a "WOOOOHOOOOO!" sounded over the scanner and then a track inspection train led by a white-face GP30(GP39E) shot around the curve at at least 60mph.
Image © Mike W.
PhotoID: 127353
Photograph © Mike W.

I also finally conquered the beast! I got my first RP shot in!
A few minutes later, I could see another train coming around the curve.
I'd been envisioning the first shot in my head for months but had been unable to get it until now. I'm going to try and get this one in with a different crop. The train was slowing down for whatever reason, and at one point even stopped on the crossing, only to start up again. Being bored I grabbed another shot.
After that, I stood around for a good while, and resorted to using the hand-warmers to keep my hands warm instead of my batteries. Then when a train did come, my camera started up so slowly, that I only got this shot of the next train.
Then looking at the time, I realized that it was almost time for my mom to get out of work. I decided to wait it out another five minutes to see if another train would come. For once, luck worked in my favor, and I got my last train.
Reluctantly, I packed up my stuff and walked back to my mom's work. On the way back, I heard another train go by, but for once it didn't bother me too much. I had a great day, blessed with blue skies and trains. It was also one of the only good days I've had in a long time.
-Mike W.
Railroad Civil Engineer

Pretty much the only Pentax Shooter.

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