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Little unfair to compare, very few would make that standard and he just does not have that type of location.

However, if you look at the example for the differences -
The accepted has less of the dark foreground with no detail. and more sky.
He stood farther to the side to side and train a little farther away
The accepted was probably shot darker than the actual scene(normally the headlights would not be that subdued?) and that kept headlights flare down and allowed him to use a smaller aperature and get the little starburst on the headlights while the rejected is getting more pixel bloom.

And the rejected has streaks from the headlights which I have gotten from a very nice lens that had a little film, not cleaned well.

Rejected needs to be darker???, but that is how the rejections break out?? but I think it could have been accepted and if I look hard enough I could find examples to compare that were.


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