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If so, that is your problem. That is a problem with the Rebel series of cameras - the auto-focus points and system are not that swift. I would recommend using manual focus. .
Thanks for the advice I'll take more manual shots and see how they come out. But I'll have to disagree in regards to Auto Focus my personal camera is a Rebel TI, I do not use AF all the time but haven't had any serious problems when I do in comparision to this loaner. On the other hand my acceptance rate with RP in any mode is two out of three with the TI and 1 for 18 with this new digitial.
Attempting different modes as well as manual with this digitial I prefer the TI, but I believe as I continue to use it my photgraphy will improve with it just not within the timeframe I would prefer. Of course I also prefer film over slide only for ease of use, this digitial acts more like a camera with slide film not to forgiving.
But I'm sure before I have to return it next month I'll get the hang of it and land up missing it when it gone. Till I purchase my own come this summer.
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