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Originally Posted by Cameraman View Post
I have spent time on the WW in VA. I have often thought that I might like to see the NJ ops.

Can anyone give me an overview of their operations and days off?

I keep seeing photos of an SD9 on the line, what is the story on this unit?

Operation days are M-F.
Two crews go on duty at 0700.
They are usually on board around 0800 and departing the Bridgeton, NJ yard around 0900 (could be earlier or later). They essentially work two lines. The C&M Branch and the Southern Main. The C&M may work north to Orchard Center or head straight down south to the sand pit at the end of the line at Dividing Creek. At the same time, the 'Southern Main' (SM) leaves Bridgeton with cars to interchange with Conrail in Millville, NJ. After switching the yard and industries, the SM will continue south to the Durand Glass plant at the end of that line. This job has an engine on either end (one is usually the SD9) because of the track configuration in Vineland where the W&W meets the Conrail Vineland Secondary.

The SD9 [ex-NS 58] was bought from NS by the Black River & Western Railroad (BDRV 9581) based out of Ringoes, NJ. The locomotive needed some repair work which was done by the W&W because of the long-standing relationship between the railroads. Originally, the plan was to send the engine to serve a steel mill in PA but that fell through and the engine remained in Bridgeton since it was not needed anywhere else. It is basically on loan to the W&W until it is needed to serve the BR&W or someone who is looking to lease a locomotive. The BR&W crews want to be able to play with it on 'home' rails and the W&W absolutely love the 9581 and keep her in GREAT shape both physically and mechanically.

You are able to show up in the morning sign a release, chat with whoever is in the office, meet the crews, and more than likely get a lineup for the day. Everyone is extremely friendly and easy chasing conditions makes for a great day on the railroad. One of my favorite places to visit and photograph.
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