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Originally Posted by Chris Kilroy View Post
Exceptions are routinely made for older, interesting subjects. How many shots does RP have of a GP9 leading a road freight on Tehachapi? The answer, now, is 2.
Bowser, the Dog on a Train, was at least 6 years old, that would make him 42 years old in dog years. How many shots does RP have of a Dog on a Train? The answer, now, is still 1, a photo by Steve Carter if I recall correctly. Time to even up the score!

Image © Steve Carter
PhotoID: 338293
Photograph © Steve Carter

Originally Posted by Daniel SIMON View Post

...would you have accepted a similar photo with such... taken anywhere else in the world (outside of the US)?
Word! Bowser's from France.

Kidding aside, I have no (real) issue with a few odd shots that make it through - it's the nature of the beast. Multiple screnners, different tastes and consecutive screening of dozens and dozens of images in a single seating, it's gonna happen. What I do find frustrating, however, is that past instances can not be used (if even over designated period of time) as a precedent for another. "Those are OK, yours is not" sets a bad precedent and implies favoritism (even if it is not).

I'd have rejected all three - however, noting the length of time John Wiesmann has been posting to RP, and the fact that his material has been very well received, I'd have made good use of the "comments from screener" to state the photo is desired if it could be fixed and note that an appeal remains an option at which point, much greater tolerance could be offered. (Maybe that did happen?) As for Walt Landi, a new patron of RP with seemingly incredible potential - same deal. Now, if someone else comes along with a GENERIC image without an established history or following on RP, status quo is in order though, it never hurts to offer some constructive advice (something I do quite often when I get e-mail from lesser known RP'rs stating they wish they could get photos on RP like I have".

But, that's just me...

Anyway - more is better when you have such a great database with superb search features. Good to see some familiar faces as of late! John West, Bob Lyndall, Ray Lewis, and even Dan (Indecline). Not sure if Steve Welch will be back anytime soon, however... Or Blair.

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