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In Banning, Hubcap lays in $2.59 in supplies, including the luxury of a 10c pie and a 15c bag of nuts for companionable ground squirrels. His food averages $5 a week plus an occcasional $1.49 on a half gallon of wine.

Hubcap's love of animals has made him a vegetarian for the past seven years.

"I see lambs coming by on the train," he says, "bleatin' so sad on their way to market. It's a dirty trick eatin' up the other fellow." It is just as well that he is a vegetarian because he is now down to five teeth, having pulled out the rest himself with a pair of pliers as each went bad.

Otherwise, he never knows a sick day.

Up at Cody's Camp I spent my days . . . With flatcar riders, and crosstie walkers . . .

-John Fogherty, Green River
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