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Originally Posted by Noct Foamer View Post
I know Crise, and I don't think he ever shoots running trains with flash, just displayed ones. One of the these nights I might get out to Ely and shoot them on the roll. It's hard to find a steam operation that runs at night.

Kent in SD
Hi Kent,

You are correct. Other than the moves to position the locomotives for a night static shot, and then put them away, they typically do not run trains at night during the annual NN Winter Photo Shoots.

That said, NN does occasionally run special event trains at night. There are also numerous tourist steam operations that run Polar Express / North Pole Express trains during the upcoming holiday season. Perhaps the most prolific operation doing that is Connecticut's Valley Railroad (Reporting mark VALE.) From mid-November until a few days after Christmas, the Valley Railroad runs 4 steam trains per night, 6 nights a week, plus an extended daytime schedule on the weekends. Two steam engines and two consists are in operation. To get an idea of what is possible, check out the work of local Photographer (and RP Contributor) Tom Nanos.

Image © Thomas J. Nanos -
PhotoID: 419333
Photograph © Thomas J. Nanos -

One of the SCs on the home page is an image Tom shot last week at the Valley.

My RP stuff is here.

Link to my Flickr Albums. Albums from Steam Railroads all over the US.

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