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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I have seen some stuff that views some Dell screens, the 3200x sized ones, favorably. It still isn't clear to me whether the pretty retina look is primarily due to resolution or whether it has some other dimensions of improved quality.

I am concerned about what happens to other software - in principle the software is supposed to adjust to the increased resolution but in practice not all software does. And if you have a 1392x program running on a 3200x screen, things get small. I suspect that Apples are better in that regard.
Apples are much better with scaling programs to higher resolutions. While shopping for a new laptop last year I finally decided that getting anything over 1080p with a MS OS isn't worth it. The compatibility just isn't there yet. Almost, but not quite. Maybe in another year or two. A 1080P display is perfectly fine as long as its an IPS LED screen rather than an old style LCD.
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