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It looks like a lot of your images were taken in the summer, during the day.

During the summer, you have to deal with something known as high sun. Basically, the sun gets high up in the sky, and casts a harsh blue light on everything. During the summer, you typically can only photograph from sunrise to about 9:30am, and from around 4:30pm to sunset. During the time period around the summer solstice, the windows may be even shorter. On the flip side, you can get some amazing light during the evening and morning. A quick rule of thumb I was told is if your shadow is shorter than you are, it's high sun.

Now that winter is coming, you can pretty much shoot most of the day.

A second issue I see with some of your photos is dark side of the train showing. RP generally doesn't like it when the side of the train facing you isn't illuminated. A great beginning rule is to have your shadow pointing at what you want to take a photo of. Using a tool like will help you scout locations for the best sun angles.

Also, I noticed the trains on the bridge have some cloudiness. RP often doesn't accept cloudy day photos of common power. There are exceptions, but generally as a rule, the photo needs something special to overcome a cloudy day.

The only thing I can think of for the image quality, are you exporting your images at the highest settings from lightroom?

I usually do an auto-sharpen before I submit an image.
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