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In terms of the forum, remember rejections are only good for 7 days normally.
I see one already expired and also not everyone comes to the forum every day so not sure how long the other ones will last.

The first one might not make it anyway because of shadows on the viewing side, forget what they call it, not something I agree with but was surprise when I got one.

Too bad about the bridge. Under right conditions could make something without a train. Maybe in winter, leaves off the brush, some ice etc.

I think overall you need better locations based on the rejections you have.. So drive around noting which might be better in morning, afternoon. Think about where sun is different times of the year. At the High Falls, you don't have to note that is already overshot but realizing that you want to get it with some nice light.

Look this one, something I could have shot many times, I think have several but never thought of posting, so look for ideas, like a tree growing out of ballast.

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