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Originally Posted by Joseph Cermak View Post
1. Thanks, I have noticed that a lot of my shutter speeds were ending up being too low so within the past two weeks I have switched to trying to keep everything above at least 1/500.

2. It seems I get hit with that on every submission despite sharpening some in lightroom. I can't seem to tell what the difference is between where an image is or isn't sharp

1. Still too slow. I aim for 1/1000s as a minimum, 1/2000s is normal. If train is moving faster than 50 mph I'll go up to 1/8000s.

2. View image at 100%. Look at what should be sharp lines, such s the number boards or the painted numbers below the cab windows. Finally, I use a tripod for about 90% of all my shots. Nothing improve sharpness like using a tripod.

3. Another thought, since you are learning. A lot of unsharpness is caused by too little DoF. I suggest shooting at f5.6 at a minimum, f8 if you can keep your shutter speed over 1/1000s. Also, watch where your focus point is. I use single focus point and generally focus on the track and then hit the button when the cab window goes over that spot.

This is all basic stuff, but you have to start somewhere.

Kent in SD
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