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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
I realize we are restricted by our subject but seemingly in a country like India you could find more like your most recent.

Image © cyberdoctor
PhotoID: 652201
Photograph © cyberdoctor

Lot to look at, rich in detail, can overlook some hiccups in the processing.

The prior one we were talking about is basically a nose shot and like many along lines here, you can sit all day and take similar photos, different train, 1 mile up the track, same photo.

There are some other nice ones, your best unfortunately has the watermark TDC.


A little oddity to me, I see a lot of images from India. Back a month ago I posted an image from Mexico and it is still the last one.
Thanks Rob for liking this photograph

The rail fanning community in India is very active and there are a few very good photographers in India who share their work here on RP and yes there is a lot of variety that can be captured in the sub-continent as rightly pointed out.

Coming to me, My work has started being accepted on RP after being rejected Right, Left and Center over a period of time. Most of my work will not be accepted at RP either due to cloudy shots,High sun,soft images when resized to RP Specs coupled with my novice Post Processing Skills.

I use 500px to showcase my work

Please feel free to suggest improvements which I shall gladly incorporate.

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