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Oh my God... if I see ANOTHER photo from the Llanberis Lake Railway that will make, what? 3 on RP.

Jeeze Louise. I thought RP had lightened up, and I question why, if not, especially with a well received, long term patron such as yourself.

Here are my thoughts - the screener (hopefully), must have thought these were "toy" trains. I'd appeal each and every one and edit the captions (sooner or later) to better document the history of the locomotive and perhaps the railroad itself. Not sure how long the tourist line has been around - would be interesting to know more, but specifically note (as implied indirectly) that these are REAL narrow gauge historic locomotives that were built small for a specific task, namely working in a quarry, vs carrying passengers squeezed into what I assume are modern passenger cars with no historic value.

State the railroad and locomotives were previously accepted on RP as well - however, both without a reference nearby to suggest size and scale. Exactly why the one with the car in the image works. I like the backwards shot as well - it better tells the story of the line and its operation (there are plenty of images of steam locomotives pulling consists tender first on RP). I agree with Charles on the second one - does appear to be leaning.

Good luck!

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