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Default USA versus Rest of the World

Railpictures is an American web site, granted. But the international audience and the proportion of non US-Canada picture has grown significantly since the early years of RP.

Recently, I suggested in vain to flag a "HOT PHOTO ALERT" on the front page on the occasion of the first picture of a new European dual mode locomotive:

I knew that the Alert would most probably not happen. But I gave it a try. And today, I see the hot photo alert on the RailPictures front page for a modernized version of an already well known engine. Only visible difference is the red color on the front part of the engine. Still, it deserves a hot photo alert, something any non US engine will probably never get, whatever the degree of innovation.

At times of arrogant Trump attitude, I was just wondering what consideration this site gives to their international customers and audience...
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