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I would ask this-- for a first photo, this locomotive is filthy, and to me appears it has been in service for several months. I admire your work and the places you have been, but to be patently honest, this photo comes across as just another roster shot of any locomotive, be it U.S. or foreign. It wouldn't be worthy of a hot photo alert regardless of where it was taken, IMO.

To put it in perspective, I have photographed nearly 300 shortline railroads in the USA. I can (and have) put up the first photos of some of those lines on this site. None received a hot photo alert, nor would I expect them to. The alert seems to be reserved for very newsworthy locomotives that will draw the attention of younger U.S. fans who will aggressively pursue them trackside, and used pretty rarely. In fact, I can't really recall the alert being used since Norfolk Southern was releasing the heritage units and the company photographer used this site to debut the photos.
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