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Originally Posted by J-M Frybourg View Post
So if I understand well, this confirms my assumption that the hot alert is indeed a US-only alert, and perhaps (even worse), an advertising for Norfolk Southern.
The alert banner and links was likely an idea by admin to attract more views (aka; page views). That being said - those alerts would have to be of interest to a majority of viewers.

It was... is a good feature, though can anyone recall the last time it was instituted? I do not recall the Amtrak nor SEPTA ACS-64 Cities Sprinters being highlighted, nor even the first run of UP #844 - so it's hit and miss - like many things about this site these days - seemingly, autopilot with sporadic visits by admin.

However - I am rather surprised your request was not accepted. As a well patronized long term member - it would've been an appropriate courtesy in my opinion.

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