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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
As a well patronized long term member - it would've been an appropriate courtesy in my opinion.

Well... you don't know what courtesy I have got over the past years here. The well patronized long term member (and also paying customer) has been banned for an incredible of years from appealing against a rejection. These days, I am banned from front page (TO24, etc.). I have also incredible difficulties getting old pictures of historic value accepted, pictures that were taken in the 70's or 80's, with the non digital quality of the time, and sometimes cloudy shots. And again, in contrast, pictures of poor quality (that I would never dare to submit), but of historical value representing US trains easily make it to the RailPictures database. Some examples:

There are other aspects confirming the pro-US bias despite the ever growing international audience. Think about proportion of non-US pictures that got a SC? Just compare the proportion of Screener's Choice awards going to non US pictures with the proportion of (unbiased) People's Choice Awards (selection by any visitor) that fairly go to any picture, whatever showing a US or a non-US train.

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